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Dear Internet Marketer, my name is Alexander Krulik.

We all know that effective article marketing is the key to successfully generating quality search engine traffic and growing an internet business right? After all that’s why you are here.

Not too long ago, I was just like you…fighting to get more traffic for my online business and looking for ways to leverage my time and money. I needed tons of articles for submission and distribution to drive my websites to the first page in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Although MSN was much easier, I found out the hard way that getting top page rankings in Google and Yahoo required an extraordinary amount of my time writing and submitting fresh articles for backlinks. Day after day, I slaved away at writing and submitting articles only to discover that my rankings barely moved.

The only other solution was to pay a freelance writer. This was a big problem because I could not afford to pay other people to write content for me.

As an alternative I tried many of the article writers and spinners available on the internet. Time after time, I walked away incredibly disappointed and frustrated and the junk articles those programs produced. (If you have ever used them then you know what I mean!) The articles those inferior programs produced not only were unfit for quality article directories, but they would flat out get your sites BANNED by the major search engines.

There had to be a solution. I was not going to roll over and play dead while others enjoyed the traffic from ranking in the top positions in Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is where the money is at and if your website is not on the first page of Google, you are losing out BIG TIME!

Luckily, I am a programmer myself. I had produced several programs and scripts for my personal marketing efforts and campaigns. Then the thought hit me to produce my own tools and software that I need to solve my pressing article marketing problems.

That is why I have spent months planning, designing and developing these tools - Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter – that completely removes the pains and frustrations of article spinning, rewriting, and submitting!

Not only have these tools saved me countless HOURS on article spinning, rewriting, and submitting, but I have been able to compete in some of the biggest money making niches online getting my websites listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN!

Let’s take a brief look at some of the key features you get with Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter

From the moment you launch the program, you discover just how easy the software is to use. Magic Article Rewriter gives you total control. You choose which words to spin, and which synonyms to use, this ensures your spun articles will look hand written every time.

This state of the art article spinner and rewriter not only boasts the stability and functionality that no others can match, but it comes preloaded with over 30,000 words, allowing you to rewrite text just by clicking your mouse button!

However, since I realize there are times when you would like to add customized words and phrases to the database to match a specific set of industry words, I designed Magic Article Rewriter with an editable synonym database so you can easily import your own list of words too. This feature allows you to add unique words and phrases that are unique to certain types of markets.

But this is only the beginning. Unlike many inferior spinners on the market today, with this incredible software you can automatically spin each instance of a chosen word in your text at a click of your mouse, or even spin entire sentences.

Some Testimonials from well known Warrior Forum

I use Magic Article Rewriter as well as Magic Article Submitter. The whole package cost $80 through Clickbank.
The software works well and you are in full control of the articles your going to spin. It spins up to 1k in unique articles and the submitter will submit single spin articles to directories, over 650 of them.
I have never had an article declined for being gibberish or rubbish at any of the article directories.
I recommend both pieces of software. They work perfectly for what they are designed for and is a one of purchase and desktop application.


I just got Magic Article Rewrite and Submitter over the weekend. So, far it has been great.
The rewriter is VERY intuitive and easy to use. And it also "gets smarter" as you go.
So, eventually after using it for a while and savings your "tokens" (synonymns, etc); it truly will be a push button solution.
I have never used content boss, so I cannot make a fair comparison. But I am happy with the rewriter for now.
The submitter is also VERY easy. Over 700 article directories with one button submit (and they are all unique articles).

The Redfox

I'm actually going to purchase the Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter package too. I don't "do" monthly services for the most part because $29 here and there adds up fast.
The token feature of Magic Article Rewriter is what I've been looking for and I've also been looking for a new, better submission software because the other ones that I've tried have just been terrible with respect to updates and success rates.
I just watched the video for Magic Article Submitter and the sign-up proces for 700 articles sites is completely automated, including the clicking through the confirmation emails. I don't know how they did that but I'm impressed and can't wait to see it.


The Magic article submitter I think is the best automatic submitter on the market by far.
Can't say for sure its the best rewriter even though it is good, I just haven't tried them all. But the best part about the submitter is that it not only creates accounts automatically at the article directorties but it also confirms all the email confirmations automatically as well.
Its very impressive and easy to use. Ever since ive gotten that submitter I find myself writing articles more and more since I can distribute them so easily.
I haven't tried content boss but have tried mass article control which is the most hyped and magic article rewriter is better and its not even close.


Magic Article Rewriter is the bomb. It beats Par, easily. The submitter is beautiful. Easy.


Check this testimonials for your self

Alex I have just reviewed Magic Article Rewriter and appreciate the opportunity to have used it.
Let me tell you that I have essentially made a career on the internet writing and rewriting articles for my websites, blogs, article directories, videos, forums and ebooks - so I know what I am saying when I say there IS a need for a product like this.
To CLARIFY, for anyone shy on using spinners - this one is human controlled, meaning it only spins the content that YOU put in it. In my mind, this is a very clever, time saving, production boosting tool that every internet marketer can find a use for.
If you have ever bought any PLR content, Magic Article Rewriter can turn that dormant content sitting on your hard drive into money making, original articles.
Now Alex as a long time user and advocate for Power Article Rewiter, I was skeptical to try something new but I quickly learned how may features you jam-packed into this product to make it, IMHO the leading human article spinner on the market right now.
You have added the word count, synonym bank, and tokens to help speed things up even more, but I also noticed a rather quick and intuitive work flow and layout, so the actual rewriting doesn't seem daunting - it seems like you are getting a LOT done in a little amount of time.

Marty S

This certainly looks like both the best spinner and the best submitted out there at the moment, and very good value for money as well. I really like the idea on your forum of combining tokens with each other, great idea.


I bought both products with a somewhat jaded view of these types of things. I have tried other article spinner products that didn't work quite right as the flow of the article was affected by the types of words and phrases that the program chose. With MAS, I have the control over which synonyms that I want to use based on the flow of the sentence. The submitter is nice as well as it truly automates the signup, verification and signing in to hundreds af article directories. It will even display the CAPTCHA box for the signup portion of the process and then goes back to what it was doing. Very slick! Subitting to the directories is a snap. Choose a keyword and let it do it's thing. $80 well invested IMHO.


I was a bit doubtful about them esp the article spinner as most do not work properly and the article ends up not being readable
However, I was very impressed with these bits of softwrae and can see they will become one of main tools to blogging my way to the bank
The submitter saves a bundle of time by confiming everything and the re-writer is good as well


In my opinion this is the best articles spinner that is available on the market today. the synonyms that are available and the ease-of-use is extraordinary.
Not only has a lot of time and effort went into the development of this software, but a lot of time and effort has went into the synonyms used inside the software.
Now, this does not automatically spin the articles, but it allows you to easily and effortlessly spin a readable and quality article.
It is absolutely amazing and a no-brainer for anyone who wants to mass-produce spun

Shannon Herod

I wanted to provide some feedback on this tool. I took it for a spin (no pun intended) last night and the tool works flawlessly and is by far one of the best spinners out there. The best feature for me is the ability to export the spinnable articles for the various article networks (i.e. AMA, UAW, etc.).
Of course there are several other great features I could brag about but this one was the most important to me. I also want to say that Alex provides unbelievable customer support - the best I've ever experienced to be honest. I had a few questions after I purchased and he got back to me every time within minutes.
I was very impressed. Thanks for creating such a great and useful tool and for providing terrific customer support as well.
It's rare these days that you get both a quality tool and strong customer support. Kudos!


Thanks Alxesandr,

I understand why I bought the program. I hope it sells well for you, I know it will save a lot of time for me. :) Tom Lyons

I bought your software, I've got to say I am so impressed I can't hardly believe it!

I was able to spin 5 articles within 1 hour which normally would have taken me all day to accomplish.

You should be selling this for $100. My inexperince, in computer skills gave me a little trouble getting started.

Your assistence was fast, easy to understand and very professional! Excellent software! Excellent price!
Excellent customer support!

I'd recommend Magic Article Rewriter to anyone! Buy it people!

Not only that, but it's SO affordable at only $47!
If you are a content marketer, you NEED Magic Article Rewriter

Steve Crowley
Prairie du Chein WI

"I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about Magic Article Rewriter. I spin articles for use in multiple programs - Traffic Kahuna, Free Traffic System, Article Drip Robot, SENuke - and many, many smaller programs.

This is incredibly time consuming to do by hand with curly brackets, and it's also extremely difficult to find outsourcers who can do it skillfully for a decent price.

However, Magic Article Rewriter is the solution for this problem. It's cut my spinning time by two thirds - which, in essence, means I'm outputting three times the content and getting three times the backlinks in the same amount of time.

Not only that, but it's SO affordable at only $47!
If you are a content marketer, you NEED Magic Article Rewriter



I have been in SEO for quite a while now with great results.

The problem was spinning content, and coming up with unique content. I have to say your tool was the best time saver I have seen.

For once I can spin an article and not have to proofread each version because I pick the words that make sense.

I just did in 20 minutes what I did yesterday in about 3 hours!

Good thing I have the day off today, it is time to some damage to those search engines!

Thanks for developing and offering such a great price on this product!
Brent Sweet


Once your text is spun, Magic Rewriter produces new and unique versions of your article that reads like a well written article. Even more so, you’ll never have to worry about getting unreadable, gobbled, garbage or duplicate content because Magic Article Rewriter changes each articles up to 75% or more!

Make no mistake about it. Magic Article Rewriter is the most powerful article spinner available on the market today.

To see how Magic Article Rewriter works in real action - please watch the below video, marvel how quickly things can be done, and how much time you could save:

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Once your articles are ready for distribution, you can then import them into one of the many articles networks such as The Free Traffic System, Unique Article Wizard or My Article Network, or use the massive cutting edge distribution power of Magic Article Submitter (MAS) to submit unique versions of your article to over 700 article directories in 5 minutes!

A built-in editable database of over 700 article directories means that Magic Article Submitter is the most powerful software in its class.

To avoid duplicate content penalties, this software is fully compatible with our article spinner software and spin tags are supported in every field, including the author resource box. This means…


You Can Even Spin Your Keyword Anchor Text To
Promote Several Keywords In Each Submission!

Unlike many of the article submitters on the market, Magic Article Submitter makes it easy to distribute your articles and get one-way backlinks. When you launch this program, all you have to do is create a 5 minute profile and then click submit.

Magic Article Submitter’s robust engine will then go to work and create 100’s of article directory accounts for you automatically in a matter of a few minutes. Once each account is created, MAS will then go to work for you verifying each account through the email address you provide so you don’t have to.

Click to play the video below to see how easy it is to get all the one-way backlinks you need for a first page ranking in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The article submission software video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

It really doesn’t get any easer than this.

Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter have allowed me to place my article marketing campaigns where they should be…in submitting tons of quality articles to hundreds of directories because…

You Never Make Money Handwriting
Hundreds Articles, You ONLY Make Money
When You Submit Them!

Since developing and using these remarkable tools, my rankings and income have dramatically increased. Having these tools is like having an entire staff of article writers and submitters producing and distributing an endless amount of fresh content for my websites but without the costs.

I am not going to say that article directory submission is something brand new – I know that this concept has been on the market for years.


No one has ever automated this process like I did with my Magic Article Submitter. It really can submit your article to over 650+ article directories within 5 minutes.

I did a very simple test. In April 2009 I purchased the domain and within 2 months of link building (that have been backlinks from Free Traffic System blogs and backlinks from the article directories’ submissions) I have pushed this domain to Google page rank 3! Check the screenshot




PageRank Checking Icon Feel free to check it out for yourself. is a new domain that was registered in April 2009, after just 2 months the domain has a Page rank of 3. This will give you an indication of the power of Magic Article Submitter.

Now you can use the combined power of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter to gain the competitive edge you need to quickly push your websites to the TOP of the major search engines and generate massive amounts of traffic!


Hi Alex,

your new Article Submission software is great

I have seen a massive boost in rankings for a very competetive keyword over just three days

This software makes article submission so quick and easy I am amazed you are selling it so cheap!

I just hope my competitors dont find out about it!

Nick Davison - High Impact SEO

Hi Alexandr

On the weekend I purchased the Magic Article Rewriter and the article Submission software too. I rewrote an article and then used the Magic Article Submitter to create accounts and submitted my article in the spin format. I used the same url but different anchor text.

The article was submitted on Saturday, today is Tuesday and I already have 27 published and over 100 waiting for review according to submitter, and my article has been downloaded 7 times, twice from the same directory.

Wow! Talk about fast results, your programs are fantastic. I had been procrastinating about writing articles because of all the versions needed to be effective. Now I can write just one and then easily make all the versions I need.

I also like the account creation and activation on the Magic Article Submitter, for me it saves my wrist form all that clicking. Thankyou so much for creating them both.


WOW! Alexander

Yet another amazing tool.

Magic Article submitter is incredible. I just spent about 2 hours last night and submitted over 700 unique articles.

The tool is very user-friendly and submits very quickly. I have been very impressed with the quality & affordabilty of the tools you promote.

And your customer support has always been top notch too. Thanks again for another awesome time saving resource.

My best

Steve Crowley


It does not matter what your niche is, by using these two incredible tools, you will be able to focus your efforts on growing your existing business and expanding into new income producing markets and never having to worry about getting your website penalized for duplicate content.

Let’s briefly take a look at some of the advantages you will get by downloading these amazing tools today because HUNDREDS of customers can’t be wrong!


Click here to see what others are saying about these two amazing programs.


Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter
Almost Effortlessly Gives You the Power To Steal
First Page Rankings From Your Competitors

  • This software immediately solves your article writing and submission woes. Just think about being able to tap into millions of free articles on the internet that you can rewrite in a matter of minutes, transforming them into fresh content for backlink distribution!

  • Places your link building efforts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! Imagine how easy it is going to be to get hundreds of quality ONE WAY backlinks. You can process 100’s or 1000’s of articles and submit them to steal top keyword placements in Google, Yahoo and MSN!

  • Compatible with many of the article distribution networks such as The Free Traffic System, My Article Networks and others. Magic Article Rewriter’s built-in features gives you the ability to instantly spin and prepare dozens of fresh articles with ready made spin tags. Now, instead of tediously inserting these snippets, Magic Article Rewriter does it for you!

  • Distribute to over 700 key article directories! With Magic Article Submitters’ pre-built database of directories, all you have to do is create one profile and the software automatically creates and verifies all of the accounts and then submits the articles for you!

  • Save hundreds of dollars on hiring website article writers. Need to build your site with theme related content? With The Magic Article Rewriter, you can quickly and easily generate 20, 50, or 200 pages of non-duplicate content if you want. There’s NO limit!

  • Easily set up multiple Authority Web 2.0 social marketing pages like Squidoo, Hub pages and many others with fresh content that is proven to rank high in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

  • Removes the duplicate content barrier standing in your way. No longer do you have to worry about getting penalized for duplicate content because Magic Article Rewriter rewrites articles up to 75% and more. You get unique content each and every time!

  • Quickly test the profitability of multiple affiliate offers! No longer do you have to handwrite content for your affiliate test. By using the key features of Magic Article Rewriter, you can generate all of the content you need in a matter of minutes for Squidoo and Hub pages and others

  • Take your Adsense income to a whole NEW level by generating hundreds of website article pages with rich content that has HIGH dollar click value!

  • And so much more!

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With these amazing tools in your arsenal, increasing backlinks, search engine ranking and website traffic has never been any easier.

By now you are probably wondering how much it’s going to cost.

I’ve thought long and hard about it.

When you consider how expensive it is to hire a team of writers and submitters for your ongoing marketing campaigns, if I charged $147 it would be a NO BRAINER. But it’s not going to cost anywhere near that amount.

Individually Magic Article rewriter retails for $47 and may be purchased below for immediate download. Magic Article Submitter is available separately for $55. Each may be purchased separately below for a total cost of $102.00.


However, if you take advantage of this special offer, you can get both programs for an incredible low price of only $80. The package deal gives you the biggest bang for the buck and gets your article marketing campaigns up and running with guaranteed results.

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Go ahead and get either of my individual software programs or purchase the complete package deal and see how incredibly easy it is to ramp up your article marketing campaigns. And as always, you are protected by my…

90 Day Love It Or Leave It Money Back Guarantee!

Use my Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter for a full 90 days and see how much it makes your life easier. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, just send me an email and I will issue you a full refund. It does not get any easier than this.

So what’s stopping you? Nothing. Don’t put it of any longer.

To your online success,

Alexandr Krulik

P.S. You can continue wasting most of your efforts and wondering why your articles aren't making you enough money. Or you can use Magic Article and Magic Article Submitter to squeeze out the last dollar from each and every single word you write. The choice is yours… make the right decision… get started now.